Islands View Inn

Islands View Inn

ISLANDS VIEW INN is a modern boutique hotel located at the heart of Coron town. The trendy design of the place and its minimalist décor is reflected throughout its interior and exterior. The hotel’s location is very ideal to tourists and travelers alike. Being in the middle of the city, the hotel is only a walk away from the plaza, market, banks, terminals, churches, ports and nearby establishments. The hotel has a restaurant & bar on the rooftop overlooking the panoramic Coron Bay and nearby Islands, thus the name “Islands View”. With its restaurant & bar, the hotel shares to all its guests a sense of enjoyment, relaxation, comfort and the feeling of never leaving home.


About Coron

A. Physical Profile

Coron, is one of the municipalities of Palawan and forms part of the Calamianes Group of Islands. The Municipality has a total area of 69,247.1460 hectares. It is divided into 23 barangays. Based on the 2007 National Census result, the Municipality has a total population of 40,007 with population density of 57 persons per sq. km.

Coron is halfway between the City of Puerto Princesa and Manila. Because of its insular characteristics, boats and planes are the main transportation facilities to and from the above cities. Motorized bancas on the other hand transport people and merchandise from and between barangays and neighboring towns.

B. Climate and Rainfall

The area has pronounced wet and dry season. Rainy months are from June to November, the rest are relatively dry. The driest months are February to May.

The annual mean precipitation ranges from 130 to 135 mm. and it occurs within the months of June to September, with August having the heavy rainfall more or less 500 mm.

The prevailing wind direction during the months from December to May is Eastern wind while during the months of June to September is West Southwest monsoon. The average speed is about 20 mps.

- Municipal Tourism Office of Coron, Palawan

C. How To Get There

By Air:

All local airlines such as PAL, Cebu Pacific and Skyjet fly to Coron via Busuanga’s Francisco B. Reyes Airport. Flights come and go everyday in different time schedules. It takes about 30 minutes via van going to Coron town proper. Peak season is from October until May.

By Sea:

Superferry Shipping Line takes you directly to Coron. It leaves Manila on Friday afternoon and arrives in Coron on Saturday morning (12 hour journey). It heads back to Manila on Sunday night.

Famous Sites

Kayangan Lake: "Kayangan" is a Tagbanua term for entrance and indeed, it is the entrance to all other lakes that can be found in the area. It is a Hall of Fame Awardee as the cleanest and greenest inland body of water for three consecutive years from 1997 to 1999.

Barracuda Lake: Like Kayangan Lake, it is also a Hall of Fame Awardee for three consecutive years as the cleanest and greenest inland body of water.

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What To Do

Explore the town and meet the locals. Be prepared to hike the 700 steps of Mount Tapyas and once on top you’ll be mesmerized with the beauty of Coron, its scenic view and its captivating bay and islands.

Soak in the cascading waters of "Maquinit" Hot Spring to rejuvenate those tired muscles.

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